EDIFIC, Inc.established the Trade Division and started the import of the foods for the health and sound body since 2009.
We are now importing Organic / Vegan / Macrobiotics / Gluten-Free foods into Japan.

Since we have realized the importance of sound body and healthy foods even in the high technology society, we are seeking the best foods and goods to contribute the people who want to be health in the mind and body.

We are a Certified Importer of JAS (Japan Agricultural Standard) Organic and distributing the products to the wholesalers, natural/organic foods stores, fancy groceries shops, online shops, restaurants and so on all over Japan.

We are also developing the foods and products by our own brands to distribute.
We export not only our own brands products but other products and culture in Japan for the people of all over the world who love Japan.


EDIFIC, Inc.aims to be a company which seeks the happiness of employees both on physical and spiritually,
and at the same time, which contributes for the society and people.


  1. We always supply the nice products for mind, health and the earth conscious to our customers.
  2. We protect the environment for the health of next generations.
  3. Making our customers happy is our own real rewards.
  4. All of our workers takes part in our management.